Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beauty secret: remove panda eyes


I had an insomnia lately.. Ougghhh.. It's soo disgusting!!
My dark circle became more dark than before... :'(

I was searching on google about how to remove that panda eyes and I've got one answer!

You can use cold water, ice, anything from your refrigrator (can make your eyes feel comfort) , cold spoons, and last your toner!

You just put some cotton to cold water or toner or.. Than put in your eyes.. Wait till 10-15 minutes and than viola.! You can fell the diferent...

For the cold spoon (you must let your spoon in refrigrator at night).. At morning you just use it into your eyes.. Wait until 10-15 minutes..

If you want to go out somewhere.. Just applied the concelear at your dark circle.. Hehehe


I hope you like it...

See ya!


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