Thursday, August 28, 2014

pattern block and a little bit stories


How your day??
Subhanallah, my life is more beauty lately. :D Alhamdulillah

This post it going to be a story about me and my husban. I haven't doing patern block before, cause I think it's really weird. Actually I never buy or even wear two patterns at the same time, but my hubby said it suits me and I look beautiful wearing this. Oh my.. he always knows how to make me more confident.

Before getting married, I'm not an easy person to smile when in the picture. in the real world, I can not even smile. yeah you know, teeth problems. And I can not fix it-because need a lot of money and I have a phobia of blood. not easy for me to smile freely show my feelings in pictures. I hate being photographed. I'm not beautiful, even more ugly with the problematic tooth. uuggghhhh~~

Amira rectangle scarf by AUZ

In a real life I was known as a jovial and talkative child. no no, rather I was a hyperactive child. children? no, I mean women. I was a woman now! xoxo ( that was me. You should be familiar with it. hahaha)

My joy can not be seen from the picture because I do not know how to smile!! aaggrhhh~ agaiin ..
How I can show happiness to you, if my face was not happy?

After meeting my hubby and married him, my life changed. I became what I really am. I even found my passion with him. He is really a part of me. he taught me to be more confident with all my flaws. he also oversees the way I dressed up, what I should wear. proper or inappropriate clothes I wear and others. He was sticking to his religion. InshaAllah I'm getting better from day to day. InshaAllah, amen.!
He always be my photographer, after he took the picture and I look ugly in there (because of my tooth problem) now I stay confident because he always said "you still look beautiful". Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah Allah unite us in a halal relationships.

InshaAllah with more confidence, I will share with you on how to properly wear the hijab, and how I face my life. Like this photo, I haven't confidence about pattern block before and now I wear it! even took a picture with it. everything is gonna be change if you have meet your soulmates.

I hope then I can shared to all of you how to wear hijab in the right way. No, I'm not perfect! This also is my way to learn to use the hijab getting better on the day to day. I want you to feel that the hijab is not a wrapper but a cover. and I also want you to know that the hijab that covered it could also become a fashion trend. because it is our duty as a muslimah to cover aurah, "cover the body, not wrap it". InshaAllah..

Thank you for your support!
Salam, dila

PS: Lagi nyoba nulis pake bahasa inggris... maap kalo ada salah2 kata baik dari present tense dll.. hehehe 

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