Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sufyya Dress


Today is sunday and I'm very excited!
No, no, not because of the weekend and holidays. But InshaAllah start this Sunday, my husband and I will exercise every morning. This is because I have always been told by friends and even by my mom, that I was too skinny and my hubby too.
So we decided to maintain our health through exercise whether it's jogging, swimming, playing badminton, futsal etc.. InshaAllah !!
pray for us to always istiqomah huh ?!

Okay this post is about my new dress and shawl for AUZ. I love this dress because the material is very light and easy on the set, in other this dress has a wide size so that I can easily move. I have only 157 cm in height, wearing a long dress if I often seem short but because there is wrinkle waist section so I look taller. Wear a pattern scarf give the look more beautiful right ?. I hope you guys like it. :)


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